TESOL in China

The TESOL in China is playing a pivotal role in providing a much-needed education to steer China forward in the global academic voyage. The purpose of education is the advancement and dissemination of knowledge, to spur critical and intellectual deliberations, enable future generations to have aspirations and empower them to compete globally.
Jane Schike
I am your instructor for the TESOL courses, "TESOL in China".
Even before graduating from the University of Minnesota
with a degree in Education.
Borris Fagon
I am an educator with 25 years of experience in teaching English,
ESL/EFL, TESL/TEFL, Linguistics and Social Studies.
Terry J. Benzie
The TESOL Certification course is intended for individuals who are serious about becoming teachers as well as those already teaching and looking to improve upon their skills.
  TESOL in China, Beijing Branch
Room: 605-606, Haige Intl building, Xuanwumen, Xicheng Outer st, Beijing, China.
TESOL中国总部官网:www.TESOLinChina.com, Email: Info@TESOLinChina.com
TESOL in China, Guangzhou Branch
TEL: 020-84858689, 020-28166133
Room: B33, 8/F, Wangfujing Department Store,Yuexiu District, Guangzhou, China.
TESOL中国总部广州中心地址: 广州市越秀区农林下路40号王府井百货大厦8层B33室
TESOL中国广州中心官网www.TESOLTEFL.com.cn ; Email: info@tesolinchina.com